Weight Bearing Open MRI



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Weight bearing MRI with Q-Spine 3D Reconstruction. The new 2021 open and tilting design is an innovative way of doing MRI in which the position of the patient becomes an integral part of the outcome of the examination, while providing great patient comfort.

• Open design
• Rotating gantry
• Ergonomic patient bed for easy positioning and optimal comfort
• Gravity generates bio-mechanical changes in anatomy, therefore MRI imaging in a natural, stand up position obtains important details compared to traditional MRI



Exam Prep

The procedure is used for all parts of the body and is effective in the clinical evaluation of the following conditions:

• Brain disorders
• Traumatic injuries
• Eye abnormalities
• Spine diseases
• Tumor detection
• Knee and shoulder injuries
• Musculoskeletal disorders



What to expect

Depending on the MRI exam that is requested, you may be asked to change into a gown or robe. Jewelry, watches, hair clips, piercings, and possibly dentures will need to be removed before the exam. You will be asked to lie on a cushioned, moveable table and maybe positioned comfortably with bolsters. For the best possible quality images, you will need to be as still as possible during the exam. You will hear a faint knocking sound as the machines capture the images. MRI exams often include multiple phrases or sequences, some of which sound different and vary in length of time. The technologist is immediately available at all times and you will be in full view of the technologist by means of a window during the exam. The technologist can hear and speak to you through an intercom in the room. Immediately after your exam, you may resume regular activities.


Open MRI

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